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We have a wonderful story to tell

The first Greene County Training School-South Greene Reunion of Classes was sponsored by the Greene County Improvement Association, with Mrs. Hazel Harrison Lewis as coordinator.  This venture sparked an interest in organizing an Alumni Association in the name of the now closed “Colored High School.”  Since 1925, that school had provided black Greene County children with an education beyond the elementary level.  The founders refused to allow this institution that had shaped so many lives slip into the past. They refused to forget the contributions, the role models, the memories, and the human products of this period of black life in Greene County.  Because of all the reasons noted above the venture became a reality and the Greene County Training School and South Greene High School Alumni Association was born. In 1977 an organizational meeting was held and the North Carolina Chapter officially began with Georgia D. Hall as president; Richard Edwards, Vice President; Mercer Suggs, Secretary; Patricia Shackleford, Assistant Secretary; Isolene A. Taylor, Treasurer; Lanie M. Barfield, Executive Secretary; Hazel H. Lewis.  
The organization is a 501c(3) non-profit operating in Snow Hill, North Carolina.  In addition to the North Carolina Chapter, there are chapters in Washington, DC, New York and New Jersey.

To promote our culture and heritage.  

To perpetuate the spirit of brotherhood.

To establish a scholarship fund that may be used to aid students in obtaining post-secondary training.  

To sponsor an Annual Reunion of Classes - Alumni Weekend.  

To sponsor special projects that will benefit the Black community of Greene County.


South Greene High School walls are fairest.
With all their dreams and tears.
And to thee, our ALMA MATER,
We pledge our love so dear,
We pledge our love so dear,
Cherished maroon and gold.
And to thee, our ALMA MATER
May we our colors hold.

For clean sportsmanship we're fighting,
In allegiance we're sincere.
South Greene High School walls will linger
Where're we go from here.
Where're we go from here.
Cherished maroon and gold.
And to thee, our ALMA MATER
Our colors we'll ever hold.

Info At A Glance

Ronald Speight
National President
(803) 535-9307

John A. Hill
Executive Director
(252) 747-4028

Leisa E. Batts
National Recording Secretary
(252) 531-2594

Thelma Harper Jones
Asst. Recording Secretary

Theresa H. Cannon
National Financial Secretary
(252) 747-8445

Thurman Yelverton
National Treasurer
(919) 219-6399

Doris Bryant Lowrie
(202) 610-0003

Rev. James W. Britt
National Chaplain
(919) 734-5619

Members of The
Board of Directors

Jonelle D. Davis, Chair, Snow Hill, NC
Elder Antonio Blow, Snow Hill, NC
Dr. Velma Speight-Buford, Greensboro
Dr. David Carmon, Greensboro, NC
LaMonte Connor, New York, NY
Percy Edwards, Snow Hill, NC
Christopher Graham, Tallahassee, FL
Daisy Ray Morris, Raleigh, NC
Geraldine Shackleford, Snow Hill, NC
Annie W. Uzzell, Fremont, NC


Associations Mailing Address

P.O. Box 122
Snow Hill, NC 28580

National Alumni Association, Inc.



North Carolina Chapter Meetings are held on Monday evenings after the third Sunday of each month.  The meeting begins promptly at 7:00 p.m. at the Greene County Community Center, 814 W. Harper Street, Snow Hill, NC.  Larry D. Miller, '76, President; Darnell Hook, '68, Secretary and Evelyn Connor McLawhorn,'66, Treasurer. 

a.  LaMonte Connor was this year's honoree during the recent Boys & Girls Club Dinner & Dance.  The gala affair was held on March 11, 2017 at the Greene County Community Center in Snow Hill, NC.  LaMonte has been dutifully associated with the Alumni Association since its founding in 1976.  He has always been a part of the New York Chapter; however, he  works 'across the board' to help the organization however and wherever he is needed.  He was the Association's second National President and has served on a number of committees and projects.  He is currently a member of the Board of Directors.

Photos to the left:  Dr. Stephanie Lanier (Chair, Inez E. Burge Scholarship Committee) made remarks relative to LaMonte's support of the Scholarship Committee and how he tangibly demonstrates his support for all the hard working members of the NC Chapter.  For the past several years, LaMonte has taken active members of the NC Chapter and the Scholarship Committee to dinner as an expression of his appreciation for their efforts.   LaMonte was in the company of his immediate family during the evening.  A beautiful family indeed!  Read his biography in more detail:   INFORMATION, ARTICLES

b.  Scholarship applicants have been extremely busy participating in 'the process' to hopefully become scholarship recipients. Photos to the left show them in a discussion group highlighting parts of their 'WHO AM I?' narratives, participating in a 'Road To Success' session and 'The Person In The Mirror.'  'Road To Success' features a panel discussion composed of current college students and former scholarship recipients. Former recipients return each year to give current applicants tips and guidance relative to the do's and don'ts of being successful in college.  'The Person In The Mirror' session focuses on proper dress . . . dressing for particular occasions.  Facilitators included Mrs. Shejuanna Rodgers and Mr. Donyea Daniels of Raleigh, NC and the Wake County School district.  Both are former teachers at Greene County Middle School. 

c.  Beginning with Reunion 2017, the Annual Alumni Hospitality Night will bear the name of Mrs. Sara Suggs Giles.  During this year's Members' Meeting, the Board of Directors recommended that we create a memorial to honor Mrs. Giles.  The recommendation was unanimously approved.  Mrs. Giles was a former teacher and counselor with Greene County Schools.  Her life and work literally touched the lives of countless students and families throughout this community and beyond.  Mrs. Giles served our Association in a number of assignments; principally as chair of the Inez E. Burge Scholarship program.  Hospitality Night will hereafter be referred to as the Sara S. Giles Annual Alumni Hospitality Night.  Read the resolution creating this memorial to her in  MEDIA/ARTICLES.


Recent Inez E. Burge Scholarship Recipients

LaRuth Anderson
Jernaysia Barrett
Erika Desi-Segovi
Adrianna Gardner
Keosha Ham
Tyquan Hardy
Bria Haskins
Alexis Langley
Yanet Martinez
Gia Mason
Ashley Murray
Sahian Ramirez
Mattalyn Rouse
Dissia Speight
Amani Warren
Anthony Warren
Ryan Warren


Become A Member

The Association will consist of two types of memberships - regular and associated.

You can contact GCTS/SGH National Alumni Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 122, Snow Hill, NC 28580.
Attention: Alumni Committee.

Or contact us via our online form regarding membership.
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